Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why Leftist Opposition Can't Point Finger At Tory Govt

I concur, obviously, with this point.

True to their conservative principles,

Last fall the Conservatives laid out an exceedingly stingy plan for reviving the Canadian economy. That plan became one excuse for the Liberals, Bloc and NDP to join forces in a coalition to defeat the government.

The Leftist Opposition demanded massive deficit spending, and they got what they wanted, as they had threatened a wildly-opposed-by-Canadians coup against the recently-elected government if they didn't get what they wanted.

What was the government to do? Left the Hard Left take over Canada and do what the Hard Left is doing in America with Obama? Like hell they'll let that happen. Better for Conservatives to spend the billions properly than for the Hard Left to blow it on crazy-ass crap, and probably blow a LOT more than the Conservatives are.

What the opposition cannot do, in all seriousness, is slag the Harper government for borrowing and spending billions in public money on economic stimulus. We know, and they know, that they'd be doing precisely the same thing, were they in power now.
We know that the Hard Left would be doing far worse than are the Conservatives. We KNOW it, because we know what the Hard Left is really like. Just watch them destroy America as we speak.