Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unemployment Rolls Triple In Socialist Obamerica Despite Monster 'Stimulus'

Fat lot of good the monster "stimulus" spending budget has done.

Despite an incredibly monstrous "stimulus" budget.

So tell me: Does the Keynesian way really work?

Show me the evidence that it is.

You know, as far as I can see, beyond the shock of high oil prices and all that entails, I see the communistic lending policies of the Left (Democrats et al), with respect to communistic lending practices, letting those who can't afford to borrow, borrow anyway, and I see the auto unions and the auto executives working together to make the American automobile industry uncompetitive relative to foreign automakers. This is the cause: The Left.

Funny how The Left was elected to fix what they broke in the first place!

As for the situation in Canada in which there's complaints that the "stimulus" funds aren't getting out all that quickly, I say, good. Because I don't believe that ballooning deficit spending will necessarily be needed. Maybe a huge chunk will not be spent, and will return to general revenues or the Treasury or whatever and maybe the fiscal picture will improve dramatically. Besides, I don't see things as being as bad in Canada as in America, where hardcore left-wing policies were imposed by the Left (Democrats et al), and pretty much continued even under the admittedly not so conservative Bush II Republicans.

I hope that this whole thing will prove to be a lesson in the future. But I fear it won't. Already that nutcase left-winger Barney Frank guy is saying Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac should loosen their lending requirements further... Talk about insanity, eh!

Hang on, folks. It's going to get rougher...