Monday, June 22, 2009

Missile Defence Back On Table

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Well, with the situation with North Korea, plus the possibility that the Islamofascists will survive the current uprising in Iran, the threat of missiles being lobbed at the United States is clearly as real as ever, and undeniable.

Yet the Obama Regime is STILL moving forward with nixing America's missile defence program.

Thank goodness the Republicans aren't going to do nothing, though.

The issue will be joined this week when the House of Representatives debates a GOP-sponsored amendment to the defense authorization bill that would restore funding for antimissile systems cut or terminated by Team Obama and the majority on the House Armed Services Committee.

The backdrop will be reported preparations by North Korea to launch a ballistic missile in the direction of Hawaii, possibly on the Fourth of July.

In the face of this emerging threat to one of America's 50 states, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has, to his credit, announced that he is moving missile defenses into place to protect our countrymen in Hawaii. Yet, at the same time, he and Obama are insisting that we can safely do without 14 more long-range missile interceptors, a second airborne laser and various other enhancements to our relatively rudimentary antimissile deployments.

Then, there is the Iranian missile threat. As the Obama administration refuses to do anything to help the people of Iran free themselves from the repression, corruption, and malfeasance of the mullahocracy that has for 30 years misruled them and threatened us, we face the prospect of much more of the same.

Well, remember, I warned that an Obama regime would be dangerous for America and the world, dangerous for freedom, democracy and human rights both in America and worldwide.

The Obama Regime proves me right all the time.

After all, doing nothing in the face of a bloody crackdown on the Iranian People by a tyrannical Islamofascist regime, plus dismantling America's self-defensive capabilities... what do you call a White House with such an attitude?

You call it "Leftist".

See, the Left is dangerous. The Left is, despite its self-delusional "good intentions", dangerous to freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights everywhere!