Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Is Danny Williams Paranoid?

Short-tempered Newfie Premier Danny Williams

Story here. Audio clip at the link. Hear the Nutty Newfy explode for yourself.

ht: NNW

You know, the talking heads of the Old Media are always speaking as if there's been plenty of proof, as opposed to rumors, that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is short-tempered and gets mad easily. I often wonder if that's just another urban legend, unsupported by sufficient numbers of objective observations, yet another Big Lie about yet another conservative leader, perpetuated by the Old Media to damage his image, drop by drop, subconsciously making voters think that Mr. Harper's easily unhinged or whatever. I tend to dismiss the suggestions when they're made.

But as for Danny Williams, the Newfie caporegime, there's no doubt whatsoever as to his lack of temperament. The guy's infamous for being grumpy, grouchy and even obsessive, in that he'll keep on keeping on whenever he thinks someone's "out to get him". His infamous little jihad against PM Harper during the last election won't ever be forgotten, for it was so effective as to turn Newfie voters against the PM and the Tories. How's that for obsessive?

Now the latest outburst from Danny Millions:

In his Open Line preamble, Simms spoke about the fact that HIbernia Southern Extension is a go and asked listeners if the provincial government should look beyond oil in the province and refocus on other issues such as the fishery and forestry. Williams took exception to the “negativity” expressed by Simms. Audio clip supplied by 709NEWS.

There's no shortage of evidence that this guy's, well, easily ticked and pissed and as volatile as a vial of nitroglycerine.

But where's the evidence, as opposed to rumors, that Prime Minister Harper is allegedly the same? Come on, Old Media! You guys just look like propagandists when you do that, playing the Liberals' game.

Further, is it possible that Danny Williams is just a little bit... paranoid? I mean, the talkshow host merely asked the question of listeners as to whether the government should take care of other industries as well as the oil industry.

Perhaps Danny knows that he's been obsessed almost exclusively with oil and neglecting the other sectors of the Newfie economy. Perhaps he's paranoid about people coming to realize this.

And I would also say that I believe that people, when they act mad, are often trying to intimidate others into thinking that it's they, not the mad guy, who have a problem and/or are being an asshole. Perhaps it's a form of projection. In other words, I'm not impressed with people who get mad or pretend to be mad... madness doesn't mean that they're right and the other person is wrong, nor that they're innocent and the other person is guilty.

Leftists certainly act mad a lot, don't they?

And Newfies should be worried. Premier Williams could very well be screwing up the province, hiding behind the success of its oil industry and neglecting all kinds of things, preferring to pursue petty vendettas and nurse grudges.

Guy needs to take a chill pill or some Ritalin.