Saturday, June 20, 2009

Readers Digest Confirms Already Conservative

Of course, I knew that, having read quite a few of the Readers Digest issues over the years.

And I can't recall finding anything, well, "leftist" or "progressive" or otherwise brainless inside Readers Digest.

So the claim by the New York Times that Readers Digest is "going conservative" is silly.

Readers Digest is already conservative.

"In today's New York Times there is an article about Reader's Digest. The article in part suggests that the brand has decided to shift direction editorially. I want to assure you that that is not what is or has been planned, and that the strategy to embrace our core values can be misinterpreted.

To clarify, neither the magazine nor the company is going in any direction other than what we are doing now. Reader's Digest has always been about the values of home, family, community, optimism and country, and certainly our values today are more than ever in step with America, especially during these recessionary times as people focus on the "back to basics" of family and home. What we did with the relaunch and redesign of the magazine and websites was to go back to the roots that made this company great."

Now, that's one "Old Media" unit that has perhaps been overlooked.

Perhaps conservatives ought to start buying/subsribing to this publication again, if they aren't still doing so. Anything that steadfastly resisted the march of the "progressive" hard-left-wing movement and which has stuck to what's important and what matters deserves our support.