Monday, June 22, 2009

Ignatieff Blew It, Overplayed Hand: Libs, Tories Say


At first, Liberal Leader-Unelect Michael Ignatieff had "hand".

Now he ain't got no more "hand".
Poor Iggy!

A notoriously seemingly pro-Liberal pollster says Iggy blew it, looking like a poor leader:

Harris/Decima Research pollster Allan Greg said on CBC TV's The Nationl's At Issue panel on Monday night that he thought Mr. Ignatieff didn't come across as a strong leader during last week's political drama.

"As I say, there's many, many Liberals today who are shaking their heads and going, 'Wow, you know, we didn't pick the big winner we thought we did,'" said Mr. Gregg.

Um, Alan, actually, I think you forget that they didn't actually get to "pick" Ignatieff as leader. He was imposed on them. At least they can blame themselves for picking Stephane Dion. Not that it seems to matter whether they "pick" their own leader or not; seems nobody with leadership ability is interested in leading the Liberal Party, anyway. And the "why" as to this, itself bears serious analysis.


Now that the alleged easy ride from foreign import to in-waiting Prime Minister is over, the Conservatives can cancel their 'just visiting' Ignatieff attack ads. He's proven himself capable of mortal misjudgments—and that reputation is here to stay," wrote Calgary Herald columnist Don Martin in a column last week.
Poor li'l P'Iggy. Got no hand no more. Time to go wee, wee, wee all the way home... to America, perhaps, or to England, or maybe to China, to join Uncle Moe...