Saturday, June 13, 2009

CHRC Commisar Tries To Get Levant Jackbooted From CTV Show
Liberal Fascist Jennifer Lynch

Story here.

They're still going after Ezra Levant. Still trying to take away his right to freedom of expression.

Here's the story -- it's pretty simple. Lynch and I were both invited on Clark's show to talk about the CHRC's memo issued to Parliament this week. The CHRC is demanding that they be allowed to continue their censorship, and in fact arguing that Canada's police should be more active in laying censorship charges, too. I wrote about the substance of it yesterday.

Lynch's spin is that she wants to "start a debate" about censorship -- how Orwellian is that? Well, CTV was happy to provide a forum for such a debate. But CTV made the honest mistake of thinking Lynch actually meant it. They didn't realize that the CHRC's idea of a debate is Lynch lecturing, and Canadians listening obediently.

Well, the CTV still doesn't understand the nature of the Far Left, as well-exemplified by Commisar Lynch. When Leftists say "debate", they really mean "I declare and you shut up, listen and believe".

She refused to go on as long as Levant was on. Said that either he goes or she does.

So she basically ended up not going on, instead sending a minion in her stead. What a pussy!

Maybe she's just an anti-Semite, eh! Maybe she's hateful! Yeah! Probably phobic that she'd have caught some kind of imaginary airborne cooties from Ezra or something...

Or maybe she just knows that she's too stupid to debate Ezra.

And the CTV's Tom Clark actually exposed Lynch's brownshirtery! Well-done, Tom; good job! Now, that's what you guys are supposed to do!

Lynch has been a problem for the Conservative government for years. She has racked up close to $100,000 in five-star junkets to exotic conferences, while her commission was racked with scandal. (...)
Worse, Lynch continues to harass Christian and conservative politicians with her censorship powers (I listed a few on the show).

Oh, and for those who didn't know, Ezra's Jewish, so Lynch is also harassing Jews, or at least Jews who refuse to drop trou, bend over and grab their ankles for her.

Good for the CTV for also refusing to bend over and submit to her psychotic nonsense.

Fire. Little. Miss. Jackboots!