Saturday, June 13, 2009

Obamite Says Iran Mullahs Rigged Vote

Yep, the terrorist got "elected" again... by the Mullahs who said so.
Look! Just like Obama! Pleasing the men in the dresses! prevent the "Obama Effect"
. Well, in this case, I agree with the Obamite. Lesser of the two evils, y'know, the Islamic Iranians and the Obamites...

Well, duh. It's the latest strategy by the sophisticated authoritarians of the 21st Century: Rig the vote; do whatever it takes to ensure the incumbent guys win.

Saddam did it. Putin-Medvedev did it. Chavez did it. Mugabe did it. Obama did it (or rather the Soros-Empire sumbissives did it for their Manchurian Candidate, via, amongst other strategies, control of the Old Media and via ACORN vote-fraud activities, plus they were helped by a lot of pulled punches on the McCain side).

Tehran drew a different lesson from Hezbollah’s defeat, according to Lawrence Korb, of the Center for American Progress, who was a foreign policy adviser to Obama during his election campaign. “The mullahs were afraid that if they went two-nil down, the United States and Europe would have taken a tougher line with them on the nuclear issue,” he said.

Korb argued that the regime had rigged the vote in response to Obama’s success in reaching out to Muslims on a visit to the Middle East this month. “It shows how concerned the regime is about his popularity in the Muslim world. They didn’t have to fake the results of the previous election.”


Richard Perle, a neoconservative and former Pentagon adviser, said Obama must share the blame for Ahmadinejad’s power grab. “Normally, when you unclench your fist it benefits the hardliners, because Obama appeared to be saying we can do business with you even with your present policies.”

(Hey, TimesOnline, I suggest that you do away with unnecessary terms like "neoconservative" unless you're prepared to go back to calling Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists instead of just "militants" or "extremists", and you ought to call Korb and Obama neocommunists as well, just to be fair and balanced, which it doesn't appear you are. Your one-eyed leftist propaganda pud's peeking out of your open fly, so put 'er back in and be decent!)

“It underscores the folly of the president’s basic premise that the problem we have with bad actors around the world is that they don’t understand us,” said Frank Gaffney, of the Center for Security Policy, a conservative think tank. “These people are thugs and they have been emboldened by our weakness.”

Does anyone have any reason to believe that the Iranian "election" was fair? What reason is there, what evidence? Do they have a free press? No. Do they have international observers to verify the fairness and integrity of the balloting process? I doubt it; haven't heard anything about it.

Besides, if Obama can win on the strength of having his people control most of the press and by having ACORN cheat in signing up voters (dead people somehow "voted", I understand!)... No surprise that propaganda control and cheating helped put him over the 50 percent mark to a slim victory.