Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Court Victory Against Islamofascists

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Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Joe Kaufman, the Chairman of Americans Against Hate and the founder of CAIR Watch.

Joe Kaufman, welcome to Frontpage Interview.

The Texas Court of Appeals has just dismissed the case that was brought against you. Congratulations.

Tell us what this case was about.

Kaufman: Yes, it was an important victory, for both the War on Terrorism and Freedom of Speech. Thank you for allowing me this forum to speak about it.

Seven radical Muslim organizations, including the Muslim American Society (MAS) and three Islamic centers owned by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), filed a lawsuit against me for the simple reason that they wanted to punish me financially for writing about the terrorist ties of their friends. They claimed that I wrote an article which libeled them. Yet not one of the organizations suing me was mentioned in the piece. They filed a restraining order against me, claiming that I was a threat to them, but I have never threatened anyone. With regard to this case, it was only I that received a threat. The case against me was frivolous the moment it was filed, and thankfully that’s how the court found it, albeit a year and a half and nearly $100,000 later.

FP: How were our freedoms threatened by this lawsuit brought against you?

Kaufman: The fear is that, if one writes something that is disagreeable to Islamist groups – even if it’s based entirely on fact, which my article was – he/she will be sued. And in my case, I was sued for writing about groups more than half of which I had never heard of. The chilling effect is real, and the intimidation is real. Indeed, when my lawyers and I walked into the courtroom in October 2007 for a hearing on the case, the courthouse was packed with what seemed to be the entire Dallas-area Muslim community. I was rubbing shoulders with people that were eyeing me like they yearned for my death. No judge wanted to hear the case. When we finally found a judge, four hours later, the courtroom was standing room only with people that considered me an enemy. Who knows how many writers in the past have been frightened off by this intimidation? Here in America, we have our freedoms, but they can easily be abused, as can the legal system.

Mr. Kaufman warns that it was just a "test case" for future nuisance Islamic "libel chill" suits.

It's clear that Islamofacists conspire to silence those who dare to tell, to expose to the Public, the truth about the radical extremism and dangerously threatening behavior of specific Islamic individuals and groups.

It's a lot like how Muslims have hauled writers and publishers to the "Human Rights" Commissions in Canada. Those complaints were the first-ever to be dismissed by the HRCs, as the HRCs backed down under pressure of the very real probability that they would be forced to face the Supreme Court on questions regarding their maliciously criminally illegal, unconstitutional, rights-violating actions. Of course, one Muslim fascist backed down from his complaint (against writer-publisher Ezra Levant) after massive public outrage and condemnation was brought against him for it.

It's all part of the whole "quiet jihad" plot by radical Islamic supremacists to silence those who expose their nefarious doings and plottings, so as to more easily carry out their Islamization agenda for the Free World.