Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Old Media Is Obama's Other Wife


Can there be any doubt that Obama and the Old Media are in bed together?

Also, is it any wonder that the Old Media's audience has shrunken to its smallest size ever?

On the other hand
, surely y'all have noticed reports of vastly superior ratings for FOX News?

For example, as for FOX News...

With the Iranian conflict the defining news story of the week last week, Fox News channel ranked 3rd in primetime and 6th in total day among Total Viewers. MSNBC ranked 27th in Prime and 32nd in Total Day. CNN ranked 28th in Prime and 22nd in Total Day.

Fox News has ranked 5th or higher for 24 weeks in a row in prime time.

Now, see, that's not just for news... it's for ALL OF CABLE TV.

See? FOX News, which isn't screwing around with Barack behind Michelle's back, is the one news network to which Americans really turn and which they trust. It's blatantly obvious.

It's clear to me that the Old Media no longer cares about doing its job without bias, with scrupulous impartiality, with credibility and integrity. They're nothing but a partisan, ideological propaganda tool for the "progressive" movement, the Democratic Party and, of course, for Obama.