Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another Shocking Incident In Socialized Medicine

"My heart is broken. I was sad at first, but now I'm just mad,"

If Barack Hussein Obama gets his way and gets to impose socialized medicine on America, Americans can expect bizarre, shocking, depressing, dehumanizing, dignity-destroying things to happen.

Like this.

A man admitted to a New Brunswick hospital this week for a neuromuscular condition has been forced to sleep in a shower room


the three-by-four-metre shower room has no ventilation and smells mouldy.

I know what that room looks like. I actually saw it when walking by. It's no place for a patient.

Talk about imposing a potential respiratory infection on a patient. Unventilated? Mouldy?

It's nothing short of astonishing insanity.

That's the nature of socialized medicine.

If these things can happen, they will. Because once supply cannot meet demand...

In Canada.

I did not make this up.

And you have no choice. Accept what they give you or you don't get anything at all. Either this or leave your country and get real medical care somewhere else.

Just say NObama!