Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iggy Blows Biggest Opportunity

Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader-Unelect, realizes he let opportunity fly away from him

Hat Tip to National Newswatch for the following links that go together perfectly to paint the picture of Michael Ignatieff's big fumble.

Notoriously pro-Liberal paper, the Toronto Star: "Lucky" Iggy NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME

The consensus seems to be that Ignatieff is lucky this week was only a rehearsal – that he proved himself not yet ready for prime time. And it's not only his critics who think so.

"Mr. Ignatieff took something of a drubbing in the media this week and it shows. ... He has aged years in a week."


"Then, when he got the answer he didn't expect, he abandoned his position and – bizarrely – started redrafting his position on the fly in media interviews,"

This week's drama had observers concerned that Ignatieff hasn't figured out how to play the political game to his own advantage; that he's too worried about what his opponents are saying about him – and that he's shaping his strategy around defence.

Wonder how come the Opposition "Leader" is on the defensive, rather than on the offensive? It's bizarre and backwards. Of course, then again, so is the Liberal Party. One already questions why on earth a guy like Ignatieff would want to be a Liberal when he's infamously non-liberal in the first place.

Toronto Sun:

(...) we're here to let Michael Ignatieff know his words doesn't hold water anymore," Clarke, a mother of three, said. "I think he went to bed with Stephen Harper. He woke up on the wrong side and he doesn't know who he is.

Uh-oh... Two politicians in bed together. Guess who got the shaft!

"I don't think he can look us in the eye because he betrayed us," she said.


Looks like "Lucky" Iggy will be getting a DO-OVER...