Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jimmy Carter's Big Lies Campaign Against Israel and Jews

It's continuing. Ex-President and obvious anti-Semite Jimmy Carter is back at his Goebbelian campaign to demonize Israel... and, by extension, the Jewish People.

It's obviously veilled anti-Semitism. After all, anti-Semites cloak their anti-Semitism with politically correct demonization and defamation of Israel. And by sympathizing with those who are always killing Jews in Israel.

And the latest just in...

Carter accused Israel of "treating the "Palestinians" like animals.

"Tragically, the international community too often ignores the cries for help and the citizens of Palestine are treated more like animals than like human beings," he said Tuesday as he toured the war-torn, blockaded Gaza Strip.

Isn't this something?

After all, it's no secret that the "Palestinians" are always going around calling Israelis and Jews "apes, pigs and dogs". The "Palestinians" indoctrinate their children in the Big Lie that Israelis and Jews are animals.

Doesn't Carter know this? Probably. But, hey, he's a subtle, soft-spoken Judeophobic hatemonger, so his doublethinking allows him to project the "Palestinians'" bizarre, phobic hatred onto their victims.

And I'd ask why doesn't the Obama Regime tell Carter to stop this, shut up, come home and stay away, because he's not helping at all, and, in fact, is only going to make things worse.

But I guess Carter's a convenient proxy for the Obama Regime, who can claim that they've got nothing to do with Carter's hateful, insane, Goebbelian behavior.


In an interview with an Israeli daily published earlier in the week, Carter urged Israel to lift its blockade and stop treating the 1.5 million aid-dependent residents of the Palestinian territory like "savages."

Well, if they don't want to be treated like "savages", then they should stop actually acting like "savages".

Israel, and the Jewish People, have no lessons to take from those who demonize them as monsters and then turn around and act like monsters themselves.

Israel is only defending herself and her people against those who call Israelis monsters and then act as monsters towards them.

Let there be no doubt: The "Palestinians" and the Muslim World are responsible for drawing not only first blood, but for deliberately keeping the blood being drawn by refusing to stop altogether. We see it all the time. There'll be a period of time during which there's seemingly no violence. Then there's terrorism against Israel, and Israel defends herself. This is what happens.

It's the "Palestinians" who have to stop starting it in the first place! They're the ones who bring about the conflict, provoking defensive retaliation from Israel all the time.

After all, Israel only wants to survive. I'm not all that sure that the "Palestinians" do, for they've never tried to set up a state, plus they keep on killing themselves in their quest to kill as many Israelis and Jews as possible, as they've been told by the Islamic Supremacists to do so they can go to "Paradise" and get laid.

Don't forget that the Muslims and the Nazis were on the same side in WWII. The Muslims served in the Nazi army, too. Yes, there were actually Muslim Nazis. And there still are today, though they don't wear the eagle/swastika anymore.

Photo: Muslim Nazi soldiers. The insignia on their collar is of a hand holding a sword next to a swastika, and the insignia under the eagle/swastika on their fezes is of a skull and crossbones, thus identifying them as Muslim Nazis. Obviously the "Palestinian" propagandists learned something from the Nazi ones; they know and use the Big Lie communications strategy very well, as obviously does the Far-Left-Wing Jimmy Carter.