Tuesday, June 16, 2009

45% of Americans Say Freedoms Lost Under Obama: Poll


Poll here.

I'm sure "progressive"-obsessive commentor "Balbulican" will be quick to dismiss it, calling it a "rightwingnut"-commissioned poll or something like that.

Of course, "Balbulican" will also have to attack the pollster. I suspect that might be harder.

Anyway, here's what the poll found:

Do you believe that, under the Obama Administration, America has seen an increase or a decrease in personal freedom?


1. A big increase


2. Some increase


3. Neutral


4. Some decrease


5. A big decrease


Of course, I betcha that all of those 45% are those whom Obama has formally classified as "right-wing extremists" and "potential terrorists", ie. those who didn't vote for him and/or those who don't agree with his policies. But that's obviously just the beginning. More in the offing, mark my words, 'cause Obama's a neocommunist, and you know what that means. He did promise "change", after all, didn't he? Too bad those who voted for him didn't ask what kind.

There you have it: Obama is taking away peoples' freedoms, according to nearly half of Americans.

Just six months into his term.

He's already, I think, faring worse than Bush did six months in.