Monday, June 15, 2009

In US Conservatives Are 40%; Liberals Only 21%

And 35% of Americans say they're "moderate".

Interesting, isn't it?

Wonder what this means, then...

Yep, we conservative folks comprise the largest single ideological group, in the US.

We're twice as many as those who admit to being "liberals".

So why the hell do liberals control pretty much everything?

What's up with that?

Here's Gallup's graph so you can see the trends in these groups' numbers since 1992...


Look at the sudden changes since 2008. I'd suggest that the election of Obama and his subsequent demonstration of awful ineptness and gross, hard-left-wing extremist behavior and surprising (shocking?) policies and so on and so forth, have caused more than a few Americans to turn conservative. And the gain in the proportion of conservatives comes at the expense of the total loss from the ranks of both the "moderates" and the "liberals". Obviously it appears that plenty of folks have snapped out of the delusional state into which they were lulled by the mesmerizing Old Media.

In other words, perhaps Obama's unprecedented incompetence and neocommunist extremism is his own undoing. Only a few months into the Regime, people are already backing away from the guy they thought was going to work some kind of wonderful new magic or something, who instead turned out to be nothing more than an arrogant, narcississtic, doofussy teleprompter reader, a puppet of powerful, crazy, greedy rich people behind the curtain somewhere...

Six months in... and already three percentage points' worth have become conservative. Anyone think they'd vote for Obama today, or in 2012? Heh.

And, there's still three and a half years to go...

How low can O go?