Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh, Really, ACLU?


So you're saying that it's bad to violate the Constitution?

Since when do you, the ACLU, care about the Constitution?

You folks violate it all the time.

And what say you of the fact that Obama hasn't satisfied the eligibility-to-be-President requirements of the Constitution?

Bullshit. You leftists don't care about the Constitution at all, just like Obama doesn't.

Leftists only like the Constitution when it favors them and their agenda.

And when it doesn't, they claim it does.

Like when the ACLU claims that the Constitution says something about "separation of church and state", which it does NOT. All it says is that the government shall not establish a state religion.

It's time to de-normalize the ACLU, as they're not about rights at all, but about fascism in the name of the desire for the Left to have supremacy.