Friday, June 19, 2009

ABC Employees Heavily Invested In Obama

Not only is ABC (All Barack Channel) responsible for Obama's infomercial pushing his unwanted healthcare-system reform plot (which his own doctor fears!)...

ABC's employees were big donors to the Obama campaign.

According to an analysis of campaign donations by the Center for Responsive Politics, conducted at The Times' request, ABC employees in several divisions donated $124,421 to the Obama campaign, compared with $1,550 to the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain.


A study released Thursday by the Business & Media Institute (BMI) found that since Inauguration Day, ABC has aired news stories with positive reviews of Mr. Obama's health care policy 55 times, compared with 18 times when the network highlighted negative reviews.

Citing Census Bureau figures, the BMI analyses also accused ABC of "exaggerating the breadth of the uninsured problem," saying the network's claim that up to 50 million Americans are uninsured is false.

"ABC is in bed with their source, so to speak. ABC is supposed to be a news organization, not a producer of infomercials for national health care. And I wonder what they would have done if the Bush administration had asked for positive programming to support the war on terror or Social Security initiatives," said Dan Gainor, BMI vice president of business and culture.

No wonder that people who want reliable current events reporting are turning away from the likes of the ABC, which represents the Old Media.

No wonder people are turning to the likes of FOX News, which spearheads the New Media, which includes online news-reporting outlets, large and small.