Sunday, June 28, 2009

How Do We Know...

...that they're not just making it up... that they can have a phony excuse to get Big Old Media attention by walking around, dressed in outrageous getups, screaming about "white supremacists running amok; Neo-Nazis everywhere!!!"?

Betcha Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman were in on it. Wouldn't surprise me. Oh, and Jennifer Lynch. And Giacomo Vigna. And Syed Soharwardy and Mohammed Elmasry. Sure, why not? It's their thing, after all.

I mean, show me the "white supremacists" and "neo-Nazis". Show me them! Where are they? What evidence is there of them? Were any arrested? Is there audio/video evidence? What evidence?

Why should I believe you guys aren't just paranoid about there supposedly being a whole hell of a lot of those scumbags, as opposed to a very tiny fringe number of them?

I mean, there's more racists and anti-Semites out there who aren't "white", causing violence and vandalism. Why just scream about the tiny fringe minority who are "white"? Why not scream about ALL racists and bigots regardless of color?

Idiots. Racists and bigots come in all colors and from all walks of life. Not just one.

Next time, when you want to claim that there's "white" supremacists running amok and doing stuff, why don't you PROVE what you're claiming, rather than assuming that they were necessarily "white"? They could be any other kind of racial supremacist, like "black", "brown", or they could be Islamic supremacists... Hell, they could be just plain Leftist anti-Christians/anti-Semites/anti-Israelites, like most of the assholes in the so-called "anti-intolerance" parades...

See what Warren Kinsella is doing to the perceptions of youth? He's delusionally screaming about neo-Nazis in bathrooms and so on and so forth, making impressionable young leftists paranoid about those horrible baldheaded honkies in jackboots (like, where are they, show me some, point 'em out) ...

Why did the Canoe News site report on this? It's nothing but unsubstantiated claims by paranoid leftists. Where's the evidence that they're telling the truth, and not just making it up for an excuse to get attention for their Warren Kinsella-esque jihad against possibly imaginary monsters and demons? It's not news. Hell, they could've just called those paraders "teabaggers" and treated them with contempt and derision and called them lunatics and stuff. Just as the Big Old Media treated the million-strong demonstration against the hard-left-wing policies of the current administration in Washington.

If I were to walk down the street raving about Islamofascists being everywhere and that they're going around saying and doing hateful stuff, you know those very same leftists would think I'm nuts. But there's proof that I'm right. Even the leftists have seen it, though they deny it.

Maybe the "Human Rights" Commission employees are going around posing as Skinheads, beating up people, painting swastikas on stuff... hey, if they can hijack civilians' wireless routers to spread hatred and racism online, why wouldn't they masquerade in person as fake neo-Nazis and other scary honky monsters? Hey, it's possible. They do it online, why not in person?

Sounds like a distraction from the other, more numerous, non-"white" racists and bigots out there that the Left doesn't want to believe there are. So they cry "white wolf!!!".

Dammit, when will these idiots ever come to understand that there's racists and bigots all over the place, and they're not necessarily "white"?

They single out "whites" exclusively. This means that they are racists, too. Think about that.

And these youth, most of them, I'd say they need to get a job, or go to a non-ideological/non-political technical school instead of some brainwashing university! Nothing like work to keep the propagandists and community organizers away and keep one's mind unpolluted by their hateful propaganda.

These youth scare me and make me fear for my safety. How do I, a "white" (not my fault; I was born this way, ok?) guy with a near-bald (by choice, to lessen the visual impact of my big bald spot) head, know that they're not going to see me, think I'm a monster, and swarm me and kick my ass? I mean, they're crazy and paranoid! If anything, they must be strenly warned by police to "watch it, don't do anything illegal, don't attack anyone".

Oh, yeah, I'm being partly tongue-in-cheek and sensational, of course. But, hey, so are those dummies in that parade there...