Saturday, June 13, 2009

The New, Sophisticated Authoritarianism
As Iran, following her so-called "election", descends into civil strife, chaos and violence, one wonders what's going on. One wonders whether it was really an "election" or if it was all a sham, as it obviously appears to be. What controls, what checks and balances are there to prevent the establishment (Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Khameini et al) from simply declaring, through the media which they control, that Ahmadinejad won an inexplicable two-thirds of the vote?

Well, a report was released recently about this topic, and it points the finger at, amongst others, Iran.

Go and read it for yourself: Undermining Democracy: 21st Century Authoritarians

Frighteningly, I also see signs of this new, sophisticated authoritarianism have already crept into the Free World under the radar.

Just watch the Obama Regime in America move to try to silence dissent and to frequently fire people it considers inconvenient or whatever. It's doing so much so fast that it's impossible to miss unless one's wilfully ignorant or fails to understand what one is seeing going on. And the fact that Obama never proved that he, as required by the Constitution to be President, was born inside of American borders and that the Big Media refuses to talk about this obvious, undeniable fact, well, one must look at the facts and draw one's own conclusions.

In Canada, we still have a "Human Rights" Commission which aggressively seeks to silence, censor, rob the rights of and persecute Canadians for exercising their Charter rights. Michael Ignatieff, above-right, who leads, without having been elected by his members to do so, the Liberal Party of Canada, supports, as does his party, the fascist, unconstitutional, criminal "Human Rights" Commission, refusing to send the signal to the Conservative government that his party will vote with them should they introduce legislation in the minority Parliament to abolish the HRC and protect Canadians' rights. And he, Ignatieff, wants to restrict how much his opponents can spend on political advertising at all times.

Don't be fooled by the smiles. The new, sophisticated authoritiarians, of both the Axis of Evil and the Free World, mean business. They aim to impose upon us and take stuff away from us, and shut us up if we dare say "hey!".

And the "progressive" left likes them all.