Friday, June 12, 2009

North On Obama Cairo Speech
Retired Marine Lt.-Col. Oliver North

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“There’s several aspects of what he said, and the way in which he says it, that have me deeply alarmed,” said North. “First, this is a president who deeply seeks affirmation from America’s enemies. He somehow is apparently convinced that, by being this better person than his predecessors, that it will make people like the ayatollahs running Tehran, or the brutal leadership in Pyongyang, or even Osama Bin Laden to renounce what they have intended to do and what they plan to carry out. … But, in fact, we ought to know better. History teaches us differently. History also teaches us that we’re not a brutal country.”

“This president wants people to love him,” said North. “He believes that he is an enlightened person that understands better than the rest of us mere mortals what went on.”

“And Obama doesn’t understand he’s not going to change the hearts of those who rule in Pyongyang, or Tehran, or Osama Bin Laden, or any of his minions by being this enlightened person,” said North. “They will still hate Americans and make us their number one target.”

Of course. Anyone who thinks differently is historically ignorant and blind to reality.

Despite everything Obama has done and said to appease America's enemies, they're as belligerent as ever. If you don't know that, it's either because you're hopelessly out of touch or because the Old (Left-Wing/Democratic Party-Loyalist) Media isn't telling you anything or is not telling you enough or is spinning current events incorrectly. Headline-glancing and catching the top-of-the-hour news brief every other day isn't "enlightenment", and certainly isn't understanding.

You don't appease the Devil. He's not appeasable.

Hitler wasn't appeasable. The radical Muslims aren't appeasable. Kim Jung Il isn't appeasable. The Chinese Communists aren't appeasable.

Osama bin Laden isn't appeasable.

Hell, even the Left isn't appeasable. We normal folks have tried to appease those s.o.b.s for decades, and what did they do? They demanded more and more and more. Now look what they've done to America- they elected a foreign-born impostor to the White House, and he's destroying America a little more every day.

Appeasement is actually an act of submission, of surrender.

Appeasement is a death wish.

Appeasement is suicide.

Appeasement is for evildoers who are defeated. The defeated evildoers will benefit if they surrender unconditionally, and history proves that America will reward unconditional surrender.

If the Good Guys surrender, the Axis of Evil will take everything away from them, occupying their lands, enslaving their populations. As the imperialist Muslims do. As the Nazis did. As the communists always have done.

The way to deal with unappeasable opponents is to show superiority through bigger fists and bigger, more powerful muscles, walking softly and carrying the biggest frigging stick around. And swinging it to keep them in check.

America made sure during the Cold War that the Communists understood that if they didn't stay back, they would be wiped off the face of the planet just like that.

And Ronald Reagan made it obvious that he meant business. The Reds didn't dare feck with Ronald Reagan, because they're not that stupid at all. Obama? Well, he thinks that his enemies aren't foreign belligerent regimes, but rather Americans who didn't vote for him and who don't support his radically extreme agenda and policies. That's why he had them officially classified as "extremists" and "potential terrorists", just as the Chinese Communist Party classifies dissidents for similar reasons.

Barack Hussein Obama makes it obvious that he submits to whatever they wish to do to America.

He proved it in his bow to the slavemaster-king of Saudi Arabia. He made sure that American terror victims couldn't sue the Saudis, despite the fact that Bill Clinton signed a bill saying that Americans could, indeed, sue foreign regimes for supporting terrorism.

And Obama is also doing what international neo-communists are telling him to do, ie. turn America into a socialist fascist regime.

Ecclesiastes 3 tells us that there is a time to fight.

Too bad Obama really isn't a Christian, except for purposes of fooling Christian voters into voting for him (he stopped going to Church once he was elected, preferring the gym and late-night parties to praising the Lord).

The only way to prevent evil foreign regimes is to show them that you've got superior brute force and are willing, without unreasonable hesitation, to use it to knock their blocks off just like that.

Showing weakness only motivates one's enemies to bully one around.

Showing weakness is NOT morally high ground; it is stupidity and suicide.