Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama Fires IG For Investigating Supporter


Can he do this?

What if Bush did this? Would he have gotten away with firing an Inspector General who simply did his job and investigated a Bush crony for wrongdoing?

Can Obama just fire anyone he wants for whatever or no reason?

Is this what he meant by "yes we can"? Did he really mean "yes I, Obama, can"?

WASHINGTON – An inspector general fired by President Barack Obama says he acted "with the highest integrity" in investigating AmeriCorps and other government-funded national service programs.

Gerald Walpin's job was to review grants awarded by AmeriCorps and its parent agency, the Corporation for National and Community Service. He told The Associated Press he has no doubt he acted properly in investigating Sacramento mayor and former NBA star Kevin Johnson.

Obama told Congress on Thursday he had lost confidence in Walpin.

As a result of Walpin's investigation, Johnson and the nonprofit St. HOPE Academy that he headed were ordered to repay about half of nearly $847,000 in federal grants they had received from AmeriCorps. Johnson is a political supporter of Obama.

What a fascist.

Mess with his cronies and get fired. Or perhaps something else.

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No wonder some call him "ObaMugabe"...