Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Under Obama, Homegrown Terror Threat Worse Than Ever

Submissive, partially incorrect recent speech to Islamic World notwithstanding, the fact remains that Islamic terrorists are ready, willing and able to commit a 9/11-beating act of infamy inside the United States of America, under Barack Hussein Obama's regime.

Meanwhile, counterterrorism experts track the emergence of home-grown Islamist terrorists attacking from within. Be they native-born converts or naturalized citizens, members of this new breed of radical Islamist have the outward appearances of the culture in which they reside.

As a German terrorism expert put it, “Outwardly, they pretend to lead a modern lifestyle; but deep inside, they adhere to a pure medieval strain of Islam.”

At last count, 35 jihadist training camps have been identified in the United States. Whether in Virginia, New York, Minnesota, or other states, jihadists have met with little opposition to their American training camps.

President Obama and his attorney general have yet to express concern publicly over the killing of a U.S. soldier in Little Rock, Ark., by a home-grown Muslim terrorist who trained in Yemen. That same week, however, the president and his administration issued public statements condemning the killing of a late-term abortion doctor.

Following those murderous events, I posted and wondered aloud whether Obama would summon the Old Media to issue an equivalent condemnation of the murderous act by the Muslim terrorist against the US soldiers. As I predicted, Obama said nothing. This in and of itself is loudly, clearly demonstrative of the way he truly thinks and what he truly believes, of who he really is.

In the same vein, federal and local officials have chosen, in recent years, to refrain from labeling a number of killings by Muslims in the United States as acts of terrorism. Some examples follow: (...)
The cited incidents of apparent Islamic terrorism were well-covered by bloggers, including myself, though pretty much ignored by the Old Media.

Unfortunately, ignorance is par for the course in the post-9/11 world.