Thursday, June 11, 2009

Angelina Jolie's Dad Jon Voigt Blasts Obama Regime

You know, the entertainment media should be interviewing Mr. Voigt all the time now, 'cause, hey, the fact that he's Angelina Jolie's daddy is obviously "sexy" public/media optics. But I doubt they will, because they obviously will submit to the fascist Regime in power, submit to its intimidations.

Jon Voigt, recently appearing in the counterterrorist series "24", opposes Obama and the Obama Regime.

"The people who voted for President Obama are just beginning to wake up to exactly what they brought in. The 'change' they envisioned is not the 'change' they have gotten." Mr. Voight said.


"It is a very, very slick, relentless campaign to build Obama as the answer to all our needs. They know what people want and they give it in a package that can be read off a teleprompter. That's not what our country is based upon," Mr. Voight said.


"Obama is a very good actor. He knows how to play it. And he is very adept at creating this 'Obama' - this character who is there whenever the world needs something," he said.

Mr. Voigt also blasts the Old Media, the uncurious-about-Obama's-mysterious-past, willing propaganda mouthpiece:

"The news media has lied itself out of the business. Now, real accountability journalism. That says it all. That's what's been missing so long," he said.

As Mr. Voigt says, he's not alone in Hollywood, either. He cites some prominent names and mentions the figure "a thousand" when talking about the "burgeoning army" of like-minded celebrities in Hollywood, most still in the conservative closet.

We just witnessed Europe massively reject the sort of oppression the Obama Regime is foisting.

Americans will also reject the Obama Regime and the Left... soon.