Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What People Are Really Thinking

It's not what the Old Media's trying to make us think that others are thinking.

Big, international poll here.

ht: Right From The Prairies

"Climate change" is NOT a priority at all. It's at or almost at the very bottom of the list of things the people of the world actually care about.

Jobs is number one.

Moral decline is also high on the list, in America.

People care about employment and the economy and couldn't hardly give any less of a crap about the nonsense being pushed at them by Al Gore and the criminal-organization UN.

And guess what? "Gay" marriage isn't even on the list, despite being pushed aggressively by Hard-Left political leaders and by the Hard-Left Old Media. The People just don't care about the non-issue!

"Maintaining social programs" is low on the list for the US.

So one must wonder why the Old Media is telling us that certain stuff's important, but the majority of the People don't agree. Who's right?

The election of Obama notwithstanding, America is obviously more "right-wing" than we've been led to believe. So is the world.

And the other day's victories for the "right" in Europe is another sign that the Left is falling, collapsing.

What's real? What's the truth? What do people really think, what do they want? Are we going to believe the Old Media? Why should we? The Old Media is just a massive propaganda machine pushing an agenda opposed by the mainstream of the world's population.

I'm beginning to think now that Obama's going to end up as a one-term wonder, and that the "Democratic" stranglehold on the Houses is going to soon come to a crashing, devastating end.

I doubt that the people will be fooled next time by the George Soros Propaganda Machine.