Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kids of Gays Much More Likely To Be Gay: Research

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The title of the report is:

Pro-Homosexual Researchers Conceal Findings:

Children Raised by Openly Homosexual Parents More Likely to Engage in Homosexuality

Research by social scientists, although not definitive, suggests that children reared by openly homosexual parents are far more likely to engage in homosexual behavior than children raised by others. Studies thus far find between 8% and 21% of homosexually parented children ultimately identify as non-heterosexual. For comparison purposes, approximately 2% of the general population are non-heterosexual. Therefore, if these percentages continue to hold true, children of homosexuals have a 4 to 10 times greater likelihood of developing a non-heterosexual preference than other children.

Some researchers who uncovered sexual preference differences between homosexually and heterosexually parented children, nonetheless declared in their research summaries that no differences were found. Many believe they concealed their findings so as not to harm their own pro-homosexual, sociopolitical agendas.

All social scientists who conduct research in this emotionally-charged area have personal biases. That's a given. But if the authors of these studies want to be regarded as scientists, and not activists, they must set aside their biases and straightforwardly present their findings.

Regardless, no one should be surprised that homosexual parents are more likely to raise homosexual children. As one of the few forthright pro-homosexual advocates proclaimed, "Of course our children are going to be different."

More: A Review and Analysis of Research Studies Which Assessed Sexual Preference of Children Raised by Homosexuals

Who's afraid of the truth? Why not speak the truth, rather than spread Big Lies to grease the slippery slope of the aggressive movement of homosexuality?

Don't expect any Old Media to report honestly, if at all, on such inconvenient truth. The super-aggressive, oppressive, intimidating, bullying GLBT journalists' lobby will not allow this to happen.