Friday, June 12, 2009

Clear Channel Third Ad Biz To Submit To Obama Regime Intimidation

Boy, them brownshirts of the Obama Regime really get around, kind of like Warren Kinsella, Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff's own brownshirt intimidation guy. Of course, the Obama brownshirters are far more effective than the hysterically-amusingly incompetent bully Kinsella.

"There are still millions of billboards available through other companies eager to take this business. The only barrier to success is money. And I am as determined as ever to keep purchasing billboard space as our budget allows."


"I never fully realized how dangerous it is that the media in this country are so afraid of government power," he said. "How are Americans supposed to become aware of controversial issues with this kind of heavy-handed self-censorship in place throughout corporate America? That is the reality of what we face, and the reaction to this campaign should illustrate it better than anything else I've seen in my lifetime."

If it was a billboard about Bush, do you think the billboard companies would refuse to run anti-Bush ads? Nope, 'cause the Bush administration was pro-free-speech, as we saw very well, with all those left-wing lunatics and crackpots freely going around all the time everywhere saying horrible things about Bush. And organizations like running anti-Bush ads on TV.

But as for Obama, well, it appears that there's a situation in which, for some reason, many are afraid to speak out against him, even if it means foregoing perfectly legitimate revenue.