Saturday, January 19, 2008

Word Not Getting Out About Levant's Fight Against Extremist-Fascists

Whenever a certain-special-group member has a complaint, be it real or frivolous, against someone, the mainstream media seems to jump at the opportunity to tell us about it, no matter how small and insignificant, no matter how real or frivolous the complaint. Of course they'll tell us about it; they appear to follow an agenda with a goal to manipulate us into thinking that there's rampant, crisis-level discrimination, persecution, taking-away-of-rights, etc., against these special groups, just by incessantly trumpeting each and every real or perceived or trumped up complaint/charge made by members of such special groups. This is how these groups impose their ideologies upon us; they don't always just want to address a real grievance to ensure basic equality and non-discrimination; there are extremists who claim to represent those special groups and who abuse the courts and illegitimate kangaroo courts with the goal of advancing their specialness, raising it above general, non-special, ordinary, equal humanity, as they want to be superior, to be first-class whereas those who aren't part of their special group are pushed down to second-class or lower status and even end up being persecuted with astonishing irony, falsely in the name of "tolerance" and "non-discrimination" in favor of the special groups. Really, "tolerance" and "non-discrimination" isn't the goal of such extremists/fascists; in fact, intolerance and discrimination against select, non-special, non-favored, non-preferred groups, like Christians, Jews, Falun Gong, Scientologists, conservatives, etc. is what the extreme fascists desire, while they go to sympathetic, corrupt courts, "human rights" bodies, the mainstream media...

But when JudeoChristians and others, particularly conservative-leaning ones, are persecuted, discriminated against, have their rights taken away, even by the state, in violation of their human and constitutional rights, the mainstream media tends to suddenly clam up almost completely and sometimes even attack, subtly, ad-hominem, those who are being persecuted. Such is the case with Ezra Levant's fight against the Alberta so-called "Human Rights" Commission which conservatives have been furiously reporting on and discussing online, with calls for the MSM to tell the Canadian People that this man's rights are being violated by a rogue, extremist-fascist, hijacked-by-the-Far-Left node of the state apparatus which has for decades been crossing the line far beyond its mandate and violating the Constitution Act and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.

Even the government doesn't seem to be aware of what's happening!

Al Siebring, who gave me the link to his post via email, discusses the situation at No Apolgogies in the post Quit Preaching to the Choir.

By now pretty much everyone who considers themselves a social conservative, a libertarian, or even just mildly interested in free speech issues has heard of the Ezra Levant case. The YouTube postings of his forceful, relentless, and pugnacious defence of a free press before the Alberta human rights commission have been viewed about 350-thousand times as I write this.

And yet, there's a sense in which the general malaise of chilled "free speech" in Canada - of which the Levant case is just one symptom and the Mark Steyn/MacLean's case is another - is not just not getting through to the masses. Most "average Canadians," it seems, still don't get it. Levant writes about this in one of the latest entries on his blog, and he's right. And this problem isn't just confined to the

There was an email making the rounds in Ottawa this week. It was written by an assistant to a federal Conservative Member of Parliament. I don't know the assistant's name, or which MP he (or she) works for, but it doesn't really matter. The note was sent around to all the other assistants in Conservative MP's offices. It was a simple
request, really:

Good afternoon everyone, I am wondering if someone might be
aware of an issue with the Canadian Human Rights Commission??? I have received a few emails from constituents complaining about the HRC and I
don't know whether this is just a blanket complaint or whether HRC was
recently in the news....?Can anyone help me shed some light on what this
issue might be about???Thanks so much for your help!

I was absolutely stunned when I saw this email. I had always assumed that people who worked for - and advised - MP's would be "up to speed" on issues of national importance, and in my mind there are few things more important in Canada today than the threats the various human rights commissions pose to free speech rights. But the email also illustrates what I've long suspected.

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Al Siebring is the host of the daily "News You Can Use" broadcast at The father of three grown children, Al has spent the past 30 years as a radio journalist in Canada and the US, winning numerous awards for his work. In addition, he is a proof-reader/editor for Freedom Press. Al makes his home in the wilds of BC's Vancouver Island.

We are underdogs. We are freedom fighters. Those who dismiss us, ridicule us, attack us, prevent us from exercising our rights... hate freedom and hate us, or are at least misinformed, misled, by extreme fascists masquerading as aggrieved persons and groups and by the mainstream media. We will work tirelessly to raise awareness with the Canadian People of these grave, dangerous injustices masquerading as justices so that these injustices are exposed, their perpetrators brought into the public spotlight and stopped for once and for all from perpetuating these hateful, supremacistic injustices against innocent, persecuted identifiable groups and individuals representing them. If we don't fight, we will end up in submission and servitude, denied our guaranteed rights, and such a prospective reality is intolerable.
-The Canadian Sentinel