Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FreeDominion Continues Posting Evidence Against Far-Left Aggressor

This guy claims to be a "human rights" hero????
Ooooh! Do read it for yourself.
Human rights hero???

Nuh-uh. I think not.

And as for the so-called Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, for which he used to work and to which he hauls people he doesn't like, well, the label "human rights" is but a cover, a sugarcoating, a deodorizer, for something actually rather foul. Taking rights away means that one is against rights, and the CHRC takes peoples' rights away, after all...

Of course, it only takes rights away from members of some groups but not from others. The CHRC plays favorites, treats people differently, doesn't consider everyone equal, discriminates...

Reminds me of stuff I read in David Kupelian's The Marketing of Evil.

This is also reminiscent of Orwell's 1984.

Remember "Big Brother"?

I think we now know what Orwell meant.
Have we found "Big Brother"?