Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Vicious Attack On Senior By Pro-Abortion Extremist

Story here.

Pro-life activists are calling for an investigation into – and possibly prosecution of – police officers who responded to a severely injured abortion clinic sidewalk counselor, but then allowed his suspected attacker to leave the scene.


He was hospitalized with multiple trauma, bleeding in his head, compression fractures of four vertebrae, two broken ribs and a broken shoulder, the report said.

The problem escalated when three police officers who arrived on the scene to investigate allowed the attacker to leave, the report said. Even though the assailant still was in the business when officers arrived, and they were able to talk with him, they allowed the assailant and his companion to drive away, the report said.

Astonishing. The Leftist state apparatus lets an abortion extremist go free after he breaks an elderly gentleman's bones, nearly killing him... just for trying to help a woman decide whether or not to go into the building to do something she may regret the rest of her life.

I'd say this is a hate crime by an abortion extremist. Yet the police minions of the Leftist state apparatus let him go... just like that.

It's as if the police officers who let him go were Schutzstaffel officers letting a German civilian go after beating up a Jewish person. I see no difference between this and that. Hate is hate. Violence is violence. The abortion extremist must be treated as harshly as he'd be if he'd hatefully, viciously broken the bones of a homosexual or a Muslim. But it seems that it's ok to heinously, viciously, grievously, life-threateningly hurt a pro-lifer, even a frail, elderly one, as far as some Hard-Left-wing-ideologue police officers are concerned.

Oh, well, what do you expect from those who think that it's a good thing to murder innocents just because they're deemed inconvenient? It's pure evil we're talking about here.

A friend of the elderly man who was seriously injured demanded of the police a reason why the attacker was permitted by them to go free. And the police threatened him with arrest if he wouldn't shut up.

What this is is violence and state fascism in the name of abortion and the Hard Left revolutionary movement.

"I cannot imagine me [as a pro-lifer], striking someone connected with Hillcrest Abortion Center], knocking them unconscious, the police coming, the injured person being taken away in an ambulance and the police letting me go," McTernan said. "There is something wrong with that."

The report also said pro-lifers asked the abortion business receptionist about the incident, and were told, "He got what he deserved."

Isn't that horrible? The receptionist at the abortion clinic smugly declared that a 69-year-old senior who was left by an abortion extremist with horrific, life-threatening injuries, "got what he deserved".

What if the receptionist had said that about, say, a homosexual or a Muslim? Rest assured the state apparatus would hear of that hateful, shocking remark and charge her with a hate crime.

See the double standard here?

If a pro-life person did something wrong, the book would be thrown at them, and perhaps even more.

But if it's a pro-abortion extremist, he'll probably get off easy...

How on earth can anyone believe, now, anything the abortion movement claims? The abortion movement is about murder, profit, propaganda, violence... and hate. It's just like the Mafia, the Hells Angels, the Muslim Brotherhood, Communism, Nazism... all rolled into one! Oh, wait... ok, maybe I exaggerate a little with that one... but the other side, the abortion movement, well, they stop at nothing, they'll tell any lies, they'll say anything... just to make more money by ripping human life to shreds. You can judge them by their actions for yourself.

We need new laws to crack down on these violent abortion extremist bigots. Clearly, people need to be protected from their violent hatred.