Monday, January 28, 2008

Woman On Trial For Microwaving Baby

This is horrendously evil.

May face death penalty for horrendous murder

Most people have no idea that abortion is just as horrendously evil a mode of infanticide as death by microwave oven. The baby, which is as human as you and I, does suffer, and suffers horrendously. It's ironic to the max that the Far Left opposes waterboarding evildoers to make them provide information that will prevent the suffering of others, but they couldn't care less about the evil, inhumane torture-to-the-death of unborn human beings. Dogmatically, delusionally telling themselves and each other that someone who is human somehow isn't, doesn't change the truth! It's reminiscent of genocidal Nazi ideology. Such ideologies have this in common: If a certain kind of person is inconvenient, then declare them "not-a-person" and get rid of them. Such evil the Far Left embraces!

Wrongly calling it a "right to choose" doesn't change the truth, either! No one has a right to choose whether someone lives or dies. After all, the Far Left ironically opposes the death penalty. They think it's ok to torture and murder the innocent unborn, but not evildoers, just because they think the evildoers might've been wrongly convicted, therefore killing them would be wrong. They can't justify this damning inconsistency.

Abortion is torture-murder in the name of ameliorating inconvenience and making money.

Abortion is inhumane to the unborn baby. But the Far Left justifies it in terms of "removing inconveniences" for women and because it's extremely profitable for abortionists, and also the payments for abortions are frequently under the table/off the books and in cash only, unreported to the taxman, who apparently leaves the greedy, criminal abortionists alone despite their tax evasion crimes.

Abortion clinics exist because abortion is very profitable. They wouldn't do it if it wasn't.

It's not about imaginary "rights to choose". It's about money. And the abortionists are behind the abortion movement, really, for making money makes corrupt people do corrupt, even evil, things to make money.

It's evil, immoral, unethical, wrong, inhuman, hateful and mean-spirited to justify murder by saying that "choice" in this particular matter of inconvenience to some people is more important than the right to life of all innocent human beings.

Actually, we know in our hearts that right to life is more important than selfishly choosing to terminate human life to get rid of inconvenience. After all, it's what the Nazis did. It's what Communists do. It's what Islamofascists do. Abortion isn't any different.

And people know this. No wonder we never hear of anyone having an abortion. Nope- when we know someone's pregnant, we always hear of them having the baby, not having an abortion. Because, despite submitting to politically correct public speech vis-a-vis "a woman's right to choose" and similar Liberal Fascist nonsense, most people realize that abortion is a horrible, evil, wrong thing to do.

It's clear that the Far Left considers human life to be an inconvenience. We see the evidence of this all the time.

Yes, unborn babies are human, too. How dare the Far Left and the greedy abortion "doctors" deem otherwise? Who the hell are they, Joseph Mengele?