Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Palestinians" Bomb Israel During Peace Talks

They always attack Israel whenever a "Palestinian" leader and the Israeli leader are talking peace. Every single time I can recall that there were peace talks, "Palestinians" attacked Israel. This time isn't any different; par for the course. Next time we'll have to start a pool, and I'm putting my money on yet another repeat.

Clearly the "Palestinians" do NOT want peace; otherwise they wouldn't bomb Israel. Duh. Wake up, people!

JERUSALEM – In what would be considered a major escalation, Hamas has claimed to WND it fired Katyusha rockets from the Gaza Strip aimed at a strategic Israeli city.

Katyusha rockets can travel further and carry much larger payloads than Qassam rockets, the brand usually launched by Gaza-based terror groups.

Strange. Israel gave the Gaza strip to "Palestine". Israel even evicted Israeli Jews from their homes and destroyed them to prove they were serious about the peace gesture.

But this is how "Palestine" repays Israel? Duh... this is final proof positive beyond all reasonable doubt that "Palestine" does NOT want peace. But we know that already, for the parties in power, Fatah and Hamas, are sworn to destroy Israel, period, not to establish a sovereign state, although they do pretend that they already are one for the purposes of falsely claiming "occupation" of "Palestinian" territories by Israel, even though the territories in question have been Israeli since the Six Days' War, which Israel won against multiple hostile Muslim states, including Egypt (from whom it captured the "Gaza Strip") and Jordan (from whom it captured the "West Bank"). Neither Egypt nor Jordan has ever indicated any desire to have their former territory returned, pretending instead that it's "Palestinian" territory, which is one of the Biggest Lies Of All Time!

Qassams, about four feet long, usually can travel up to about five miles and are filled with explosives, fuel and shrapnel. Katyushas can travel more than 12 miles and are able to deliver a devastating amount of explosives. Hezbollah in 2006 hit northern Israel with more than 4,000 Katyushas, killing 43 Israeli civilians and injuring 4,262 more.

Hamas claimed it fired two Katyushas last night and another today aimed at Ashkelon, a port town about 10 miles from the Gaza Strip that is home to strategic fuel depots and electrical stations that supply power to most of southern Israel.


Since Israel withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005, thousands of rockets have slammed into nearby Jewish cities.

Forget about "Palestine". Put an end to this endless farce, to the endless killing.

Recognize Israel fully and never again attack her. Try it. She won't attack you if you won't attack her. Try it. Try it. Try it. For the very, very first time ever! Why not?


It's time for the international community to pressure and shame, to sanction and withdraw diplomatic ties from, the Arab/Muslim World to force them to accept into their countries, finally, the so-called Arab/Muslim "refugees" whom they never, never allowed to enter their countries, as to do so would've terminated any hope of destroying Israel (and, of course, Russia/the USSR didn't want the "refugees" to leave the area, either, as they also wanted to get rid of Israel).

Forget about "Palestine". There isn't one. Nor was there ever. Nor will there ever be. Because Russia and the Islamic World don't want there to be one!

Imagine that. The Arab/Muslim World will not tolerate "Palestinians" entering their nations. Their own Arab/Muslim brothers and sisters! It's simply astonishing and proves everything I've said above!