Saturday, January 05, 2008

Latest Liberal Problems: Betrayal, Infighting, Accusations of Racism

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OTTAWA -- Irate supporters of David Orchard are warning that Liberals will lose a coming byelection in Saskatchewan now that Leader Stephane Dion has chosen to appoint an NDP defector as the party's candidate.

An NDP defector? Appointment instead of nomination? Oh, dear... whatever happened to the Liberals' claimed moderation and belief in democracy? They're clearly moving in a direction which may remind acute observers of the nature of Communism.

Appointing an Aboriginal instead of placing faith in her ability to win democratically? Way to go to get slapped with charges of anti-Aboriginal racism, Liberal Party!

And the infamous Liberal arrogance remains as strong as ever, indicating that the Liberal Party of Canada has NOT changed at all!

And even though Dion's chosen candidate, Joan Beatty, is an aboriginal woman, some native leaders are suggesting it's racist to bypass the democratic nomination contest in the heavily aboriginal riding.

"There is an Indian Affairs mindset and this is it to the core, the old Indian agent mentality we all know too much about," Metis leader Jim Durocher says in an angry letter to Dion.

"The idea that 'we' know better than 'you' the people, what is good for you."

Sounds just like Communism to me. Communism is about the supremacy of the powerful elites over the People, making decisions on their behalf without any input nor consultation. This is how the Liberal Party of Canada operates, and how it has operated for decades.

And the appointment denies David Orchard, a protectionist farmer and obvious Leftist, a chance to even contest a nomination battle. This really infuriates Mr. Orchard, who, amongst others such as the controversial (to say the very least) Mohammed Elmasry, was one of the folks who helped current "leader" Stephane Dion shockingly, unexpectedly go from fuggeddaboutim-dark-horse status to capture the Liberal crown.

Stephane Dion, like his Liberal leader predecessors, has a nasty record of subverting the democratic process to prevent inconvenient candidacies and prevent political optics problems from cropping up from such inconvenients being nominated, even though he owes a debt to Mr. Orchard for helping him become "leader". I bet Mr. Dion wouldn't dare cross the likes of Mr. Elmasry, however!

By the way, I'd remind the mainstream media that the problem isn't just Mr. Dion himself, as crappy a leader as he is. He's really just a symptom of the problems inherent within, indeed, deep inside the bones of, the Liberal Party of Canada, which, if it's changing at all, is actually without a doubt changing for the worse, like the U.S. Democratic Party changed (and continues to change) for the worse. After all, once a political party becomes hopelessly infiltrated and controlled by powerful extremists, it's morally and ethically terminated as a legitimate Free World entity, barring a miraclous and complete self-cleansing and ground-up reinvention and reconstitution... or, better yet, a complete collapse and rebirth as something wholly different.