Saturday, January 19, 2008

NRO's 'The Corner' On the Ezra Levant Case

Story here. Emphasis mine.

Battleground MSM

The mainstream media is now the key to the battle against Canada’s so-called human rights commissions. Despite the sensation on the blogosphere, the Ezra Levant inquisition is being ignored by big media in Canada, and here. Also, there have been almost no opinion pieces actually defending the actions of Canada’s human rights commissions in the cases of Steyn and Levant. Rather than report a story that exposes the noxious fruits of political correctness, and that could anger Muslims to boot, the liberal media remains silent.

This is a bad sign, but paradoxically also a hopeful one. The media has dropped the ball on this, but their very silence, along with the absence of outright defenses of HRC’s in the matters of Steyn and Levant, indicates that if and when these cases do break fully into public view, Canada’s human rights commissions could be in trouble. When silence is your only defense, you are vulnerable. This televised defense of both Steyn and Levant is a good sign. On the other hand, the huge set of comments below the transcript likely represent just the sort of fracas the Canadian media is hoping to avoid by suppressing this story.

Whither the mainstream media (MSM)?

Is the MSM controlled by radical Islam/terrorists? Does the MSM fear them? Why do they ignore the fact that radical Islamists are literally getting law-abiding Canadian citizens' rights take away?

If the MSM doesn't want the People to perceive it as reliable, fair and balanced; if they want to destroy themselves by proving that they're irrelevant and not worth bothering with, then the People will turn to the non-MSM online media, which is growing very rapidly and will eventually push out the old-style, badly-corrupted source of "information" which is the MSM.

Really... non-MSM types are already working to build a real alternative to the MSM. It will happen, I promise.

It's about market forces. Consumer demand.

When the People come to realize that the MSM is irrelevant, unrealiable, unfair, unbalanced and hopelessly biased... they will turn elsewhere for their news and analysis.

Hey, MSM: The customer is always right.