Sunday, January 06, 2008

Leftists Don't Care About Muslim Women: Spencer

Article here.

A very good read, making the case that the Left, including the femiNazis, don't care at all about violence against Muslim women by Muslim men.

We, including even the Left and the femiNazis, know full well from their silence, that they don't care. Yet the Left and the femiNazis are in denial. They try to reframe the issues, accusing those who do care about and denounce Islam's violently intolerant treatment of women of "attacking Islam and Muslims, using violence against women by Muslims as an excuse to do so".

How much more stupid, insane and delusional can the Left and the femiNazis get? Brace yourselves, folks, for they're going to continue outdoing themselves. As is the Islamofascist/kalifascist supremacist-imperialist movement.

Why does the Left tolerate Islamic intolerance, but not its exposure?