Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Severed Heads Found in Mexico

I recently posted about beheadings happening in Mexico, and I'm doing so again today.

h/t: National Terror Alert

Mexico City - Police found two human heads near the Mexican capital's airport on Monday, one month after a similarly gruesome discovery where the victims were workers at the airport's customs area. The two male heads, placed inside plastic bags, were found in the early hours of Monday by someone who was walking a dog in the Penon de los Banos neighbourhood, in north-eastern Mexico City.

Authorities had yet to identify the victims and were investigating whether the deaths were related to the others that happened in December. At that time, two heads and four headless bodies were found in Mexico City and its suburbs.

Apparently Mexico has a serious problem. That in addition to the apparent dangers the country poses to foreign tourists, including Canadians, who are well-reported to have become casualties of serious violence there.

I wonder what, if anything, the Mexican government is doing to combat and terminate the organized crime entities believed responsible for the beheadings?

How many more have to lose their heads before something will be done to crack down on those dangerous criminal organizations and individuals?