Monday, January 07, 2008

ADSCAM Probe Continues: Liberal Firm Profited Massively

Story here. h/t:

OTTAWA — New details of the RCMP criminal probe into the sponsorship scandal and the Liberal kickback scheme have surfaced in court documents that state a company obtained $475,000 in federal funds after spending only $7,300 to run ads on a community station.


The Groupe Polygone files are important because the firm was described by the Gomery inquiry as a player in a "kickback scheme" that benefited the Liberal Party of Canada.


In another contract, the RCMP said Groupe Polygone received $1.6-million from 1998 to 2002 to place federal ads at hunting shows in Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières. According to the warrant, Groupe Polygone gave only $98,000 to the organizers of the events.


According to the search warrant and testimony at the Gomery inquiry, Mr. Corriveau put Liberal workers on his firm's payroll at times and made an unrecorded cash donation of around $300,000 to a Liberal official in 1997.

Fraud. Kickback. Such crookedness!

Who cares about the Schreiber-Mulroney non-issue? ADSCAM matters! And it's a Liberal Party scandal, so why do the Liberals pretend they've nothing to worry about? Are they delusional?