Monday, January 28, 2008

10-Step Guide To Understanding Liberal "Thinking"

Here it is. I believe you'll agree that it's a very accurate assessment of what goes on inside the heads of liberals, whatever there exists within, be it a brain or the end-result matter of the process of digestion (for liberal readers, this means that you have shit for brains).

I'll provide a taste here (I've heard that a small percentage of liberals actually already know what it tastes like):

2. Free Speech Freedom of speech must never be quashed, except for criticism directed at minorities and sensitive constituencies of the Democrat party.

Burning Old Glory is protected free speech, whereas expressions of conservative values by people like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage are unacceptable “hate speech,” which must be subjected to “fairness” censoring and termination by the federal government.

5. Taxes Leveling the playing field between haves and have-nots is the most important function of government, even more critical than national security.

To support that objective, no government role is more essential than levying and collecting taxes, otherwise known as redistribution of wealth.

Tax cuts are wrong when returned to people who actually paid taxes, but are perfectly fine when sent to those who paid none.

Although most liberals deny that Jesus even lived, many use the quote in Matthew 22:21, “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s...” to justify higher taxes.

Paying taxes is the “Christian Conservative” thing to do!