Monday, January 14, 2008

Hateful Reactions From Radical Muslims and the Left

Rather than joining in the fight for our rights and the fight against state fascism, we see some Muslims and Leftists going right ahead and bashing Ezra Levant, demonstrating their hard-to-stifle Jew-hatred.

Via Small Dead Animals, we learn about a hateful, Jew-bashing Facebook page linked to specifically-identified Muslims which expresses anti-Semitic hatred towards Mr. Levant, including a crude rendering of a phallus and ejaculate superimposed over a photograph of him.

Will those Muslims be charged with a hate crime and have their rights taken away by the "human rights" commission, too? Fat chance, I predict!

Now as for Leftwing bloggers, here's some examples.

Here's one who mocks and ridicules Mr. Levant, ignoring the fact that his rights have been taken away and that he's fighting to get them back. Oh, so Jews aren't allowed to have rights, nor fight for them, in the view of the Left, or at least in the view of that mysterious blogger, who, ironically, hypocritically, likes to accuse many folks of hatred, bigotry and all those diarrheic, aging, diminishing-impact Leftist shock-and-awe words.

That blogger also attempts to dismiss some moderate Muslims who support Mr. Levant, but fails to prove that they're not Muslims. I guess the Left doesn't like moderate Muslims after all, as they add nothing to the Far-Left agenda, which is all about extremism and fascism. The Left and the radical Islamists don't want non-dhimmi non-Muslims and moderate, tolerant, reformist Muslims to join forces to defeat the forces of evil, fascism and totalitarianism.

Here's another Far-Left blogger also uncaring that Mr. Levant is fighting for his rights.

The anti-Semitic hatred of radical Islam and the Left is rather difficult to contain and tends to explode from containment every now and then... especially when those they hate dare to speak up and fight for their equal human rights. How dare the uppity Jew declare he has equal human rights, too!

There's no doubt now whatsoever that the Left doesn't care worth a speck of rat feces about human rights for anyone other than themselves and certain special folks they like. Everyone else is a second-class citizen as far as they're concerned, and can be abused in any way they deem appropriate.

Such is the undeniable reality of Liberal Fascism.

And, as for the mainstream media, they continue to refuse to tell the People the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth... if they even utter a peep at all, about what's happening here. This is terminal proof positive beyond all reasonable doubt that the MSM doesn't act in the public interest at all, but rather in the interest of the Left and radical Islam.