Sunday, January 27, 2008

Monkey Proves Smarter Than People

A chimpanzee, one of which is represented at left, has been proven to be smarter than people, one of whom is represented at right (literally, not ideologically) in the person of one "Warren Kinsella" (aka "Prince of Darkness"), who astonishingly, amongst other insane, warped thoughts, thinks that Richard Warman, the guy in the post immediately below this one, is a "human rights" champion.

Warren, who bears a striking resemblance to famous bullshitting sillyman Bill Murray, also thinks that he's some kind of defender of human rights, which is ludicrous. The man's full of shit and the simian at left would easily demonstrate this fact in no time flat. In my humble opinion, any chimpanzee would be a far better proponent of human rights than the silly poophead at above right, in the stupid "death-head" t-shirt, wearing the Mr. Magoo-style hat to hide his expanding bare scalp.

Further, as for Mr. Kinsella, an infamous Liberal Fascist who likes to mock the religious beliefs of Christians, particularly Pentecostals, well, expect me to expose him further in the future. He's so asking for it, that piece of Shit From Hell...