Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Radical Leftwing Billionaire George Soros Helped bin Laden

George Soros: extraordinarily powerful and influential hard-Left extremist billionaire

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On Sunday, news outlets reported that far-Left billionaire George SorosOpen Society Institute provided roughly half the funding of a study that accused the United States and its allies of killing 650,000 Iraqis over the last three years. When the report first surfaced shortly before the 2006 midterm elections, tens of thousands of news organizations – including CNN, NPR, The London Telegraph, and Al-Jazeera – accorded it front page coverage. It also provided a welcome undergirding for Osama bin Laden’s anti-American propaganda.
Osama’s increasingly leftist rhetoric came to its apex in a speech released on September 7, 2007, in which he praised Noam Chomsky as “among the most capable
of those from your own side.” (Memo to Osama: Chomsky is
not on our side.) In turn, DailyKos and CounterPunch.org bloggers hailed Osama’s video, saying it “made
sense” and revealed the Saudi mass murderer as “fundamentally a political revolutionary with a strong sense of suffered injustice.” (...)
Isn't that nice? George Soros used his money to help do something nice for a horrible monster.
Whether it was his intent to help Osama, we cannot know. But if someone were to file a complaint against Soros with the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, we know he'd be found guilty... and all his money couldn't buy enough of the world's best legal talent to get him off, thanks to the CHRC's 100% conviction rate. Wonder how much money Soros would be fined? I'd hope it'd be significant enough to make him feel bad for once in his miserable life!
The Far Left just looooves Osama bin Laden. Then again, the Far Left has a serious, shared mental disorder...