Sunday, January 06, 2008

Muslim Murder Fugitive On 'America's Most Wanted'

Story here. h/t: National Terror Alert

If this wasn't a Muslim, the mainstream media would be all over the case of this double-murder suspect. But the MSM seems to be avoiding this story, perhaps out of fear of something...
I mean, he's suspected of deliberately shooting to death both of his daughters... for reasons having to do with Islam and hatred. Really, the police refuse to speculate as to motive, but we know that it's likely one of those "honor killings" by Muslims.
For three days, the story was largely ignored by the national media. More than 72 hours after authorities found the bodies of Amina and Sarah -- while their accused killer is a fugitive whom police say should be considered armed and dangerous -- the story had still not been reported on the Associated Press national wire, and The Washington Times was the only newspaper outside Texas to cover the story. As of midnight Friday, the only national media to have reported the story were Fox News, United Press International, ABC News, World Magazine and the Christian Broadcasting Network.
The bloggers, however, are all over this case, doing the job of the MSM for the MSM, further demonstrating the uselessness and irrelevance of the MSM!
Listen, it must be said, and I'm saying it right here and now:
This murder fugitive is being ignored by most of the mainstream media as a way of protecting the sensitivities of Muslims. But if it was a Christian or Jew instead of a Muslim, the MSM wouldn't care at all about offending the sensitivities of JudeoChristians and would go out of its way to tell the People that a JudeoChristian is being hunted for a double slaying. Imagine if it was suspected, also, that the JudeoChristian murderer had commited the crime in the name of his religion! No doubt the Far Left would be spewing anti-JudeoChristian hatred and getting away with it!
I smell Islamofacsist pressure on the state apparatus to keep the whole thing quiet.