Thursday, January 24, 2008

Liberal Fascists Complain About Attention Received

Oh, the poor, poor, pitiful moonbat babies!

Some of the latest from Ezra Levant, Freedom Fighter:

My lawyer has received two upset calls from the Alberta Human Rights Commission. The first, from Shirlene McGovern herself, complained about the publicity she is receiving. I'm surprised at her reaction -- you'd think someone who regularly interrogates citizens about their private political views would be comfortable with the
concept of public scrutiny. Imagine if she actually had to expose her private thoughts, not just her public actions as a government officer.

A few days later, another commission officer called my lawyer, complaining about this blog. I told my lawyer to invite them to write a letter to the editor to me. I haven't received it yet, so I presume they're just going to file another human rights complaint against me.

My YouTube videos have crested 400,000 views. A week ago, I installed a statistics program to track the number of visits to this site. It won't surprise you that employees at the human rights commission have been very frequent visitors. At first, as a taxpayer, I was upset that Officer McGovern was surfing the net during business hours, looking for her name. But I realized that every minute she was Googling herself -- ego-surfing, it's called -- was a minute she wasn't interrogating some other poor shmoe.

Oooh... the Almighty Inquisitor Googles herself! On our dime!!! The nerve!!!

Oh, and now for the best, again proving that Ezra has bigger balls than the rest of us, who are relatively timidly tempering our tattling about that big smelly moonbat poopie, Richard Warman:

(...) Richard Warman, the serial human rights complainant and foul-mouthed, anti-Black, misogynist bigot?

Apparently, Ezra Levant isn't afraid of Big Brother. He's an inspiration to us all who want to fight for freedom, but at the same time worry about kwazy moonbats siccing their liars (er, lawyers) upon us for doing so...

All together now: Down with Liberal Fascism!