Monday, January 14, 2008

Afghan Prez Rejects Liberals' Troop Withdrawal Idea

No surprise. We all (ok, those of us who aren't useful idiots) know full well that the Liberals' contention that Canadian troops should stop fighting the horrendous, murderous Islamofascist Taliban in Afghanistan is both stupid and insane as well as immoral.

Karzai added: "The events of Sept. 11 serves us well in reminding ourselves that not fighting terrorism head-on can have disastrous consequences for Afghanistan, the region and the world at large."

Foreign Minister R. Dadfar Spanta said that international nations "need to protect and defend" gains made on the ground since the defeat of the country's former Taliban rulers six years ago. "He also highlighted the need for Canada's presence in Afghanistan to defend peace, fight terrorism, and help with stability in the country and the region."

Yunous Qanooni, the speaker of the lower house of the Afghan parliament and a former presidential candidate, said after the Liberal meeting, "we will need to continue the mission by international forces, especially the mission carried out by the Canadian troops."

A prominent expert says of the Liberals' stubbornly arrogant, infinitely dangerous closed-mindedness:

"It was as if they had carefully arranged to not allow any evidence on the ground to affect anything they had already said. It was, I guess, so they could say, we have been there," said Jack Granatstein, the Canadian military historian and an analyst for the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute.

The point? The Liberals (and the rest of the Left) are WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!