Monday, January 07, 2008

Chinese Dissidents Establish Transitional Government

Story here. h/t: Jana

Chinese dissident groups around the world are betting on an impending regime change in mainland China, and they intend to be ready whenever it comes.

On Dec. 5, the "Future China Forum," a group dedicated to bringing about a peaceful transition to democracy, announced that it will be laying the groundwork for a transitional Chinese government in order to expedite the collapse of communist rule in the world's most populous country.


In the statement, organizers invited "Chinese elites" from all walks of life to participate in building a transitional government. Among its current advisors are former high-ranking members of the Chinese government and military—including Jia Jia, a high-profile defector from the Shanxi provincial government—and members of the Chinese democracy movement and other dissident groups. While most are living in exile in North America, Europe, Australia, and other regions of Asia, some remain in the mainland.

The Future China Forum claims to have received correspondence from many disenfranchised Chinese people, as well as members of China's military who have reportedly expressed a desire to stage a coup d'├ętat against the ruling communists.


"A lot of China's military personnel have urged us to establish an interim Chinese government as soon as possible," said the Future China Forum. "They've asked the interim Chinese government to authorize them to take actions at the opportune moment to overthrow the Party's tyrannous rule."

Don't be surprised to see this happen all of a sudden. The mainstream media has a nasty tendency to ignore many important things that happen in the world and is often caught off guard itself, scrambling to tell us, as it all happens, about significant developments it cannot ignore...

Most don't see it coming: The collapse of Communism in China. And the liberation of the Chinese People.