Saturday, January 26, 2008

I, Too, Have A Dream

Story and video here.

Yang Sen is a Falun Gong pracitioner living in the United States and was invited to speak on the aniversary of Martin Luthers death at Martin Luther King's memorial in Atlanta yesterday .. Martin Luther King's wife heard about the Genocide of Falun Gong practtioner's in China before she died.

Interesting that the mainstream media doesn't seem to have mentioned this speech.

It was the infamously Fair and Balanced FOX who covered this speech.

Why, even after the infamous words, "Never Again", doesn't the world seem to care that it's happening again, this time in totalitarian Communist-run China, this time against the peaceful, tolerant, compassionate Falun Gong, who don't hurt anyone, and actually are amongst the kindest folks in the world?

Evil has returned. But the righteous fight that terrible force.

Watch the video for yourself. Bear in mind that the Chinese Communist regime doesn't want you to, as it's inconvenient for the Communists. So all the more reason to watch! Defy the evil Communists with relentless determination!