Monday, January 21, 2008

Chinese Use Text Messaging To Promote Quitting Communist Party

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Following the messages written on Chinese currency, text messaging has become the new trend to promote The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party (The Nine Commentaries) and resignations from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliates. It's becoming increasingly popular throughout the whole country.

Recently, quite a number of mainland Chinese informed The Epoch Times that along with their friends and families, they received a lot of text messages around Christmas time about The Nine Commentaries and quitting the CCP. In addition to the text, the messages also contained audio and visual enhancements, which were quite surprising to the receivers. Many resigned from CCP and its affiliated organizations using this approach.

An Internet user from the city of Wuxi received a special message with animation and Christmas songs from overseas. This is what he told The Epoch Times:

"Merry Christmas! So vast are heaven and earth; whither do people go? Lost, the way is obscured; Let truth be the compass. When disaster descends, it favors neither the rich nor poor. But there is a way out—Quickly find what is true! Please press 1 to quit CCP, press 2 to quit CCP's Youth League (CYL), press 3 to quit CCP's Young Pioneer League (CYP)..."

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It's unstoppable. Not even the totalitarian Communist regime, for all its torturous, murderous brutality and intimidation, can stop the collapse of itself via the voluntary termination of membership in the Party by its own members.

The international mainstream media appears to be unaware of what's happening and, I predict, will be extremely surprised when the Communist regime in China falls far, far sooner than they'd ever imagined possible.

But the impossible is always proving itself possible, surprising most.

Pearl Harbor happened. No one saw that coming.

The Soviet Union fell. Whoever saw that coming?

9/11 happened. Almost no one saw that coming.

The list goes on and on and on and will continue to grow.

Make no mistake: The Communist regime of China will collapse.

After all, Communism is, as we well know from history, unsustainable. The Communists' attempt to survive by harnessing market forces and practicing capitalism will only enable the Chinese People to ultimately defeat the Communist Party, as the Party is allowing the tools of its own destruction, which is modern communications technology, to be owned and operated by the People. The unmitigated, selfish greed of the Communists has blinded them as to this reality. They may not even realize that their days in power are numbered.

See also: Quit the CCP Billboard Seen in Streets of Los Angeles

It is just the beginning of 2008. An interesting huge billboard has appeared in the area where the Los Angeles Chinese community gathers. The billboard has the words written in Chinese: "30 million have quit the Chinese Communist party (and its affiliated associations)—people are awakening—Have you quit?"

According to the data from Quit The CCP website, at present, more than 30 million have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated associations. Ms. Li, from the Global Service Center for Quitting the CCP, said this billboard was displayed to tell the Chinese community in Los Angeles what is happening in China, and to remind those who have yet to quit the party to renounce their membership. Thus this is also a billboard of conscience.

Qu Zheng, an Epoch Times columnist, said the Chinese people are afraid to voice their anger and dissatisfaction under the harsh and autocratic regime of the CCP. The purpose of this billboard is to tell the Chinese people that you have the right to express your thoughts. Qu said, "The purpose of putting up this billboard is to let every Chinese, irregardless of whether they are in or outside of China, know that quitting the CCP is a very common and simple act. It is also a just and honorable deed. Everyone has the same right, although you were deceived into joining the CCP or its affiliated association. Today, one still has the right to quit."

That's right. If you are a member of the Chinese Communist Party, you can leave it. It's your right!

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