Sunday, January 27, 2008

Insanity In UK: Woman Prosecuted for Selling Veggies!

Story here.

A woman running a vegetable stand in London's West End is facing fines of up to $130,000 and the possible loss of her business because she was caught by the government selling her produce by the ounce and pound.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Janet Devers, 63, was notified of the criminal counts with a 67-page letter that arrived in the mail, outlining 13 criminal charges relating to the "improper" pricing of goods as well as the offense of selling vegetables in bowls.

"It's disgusting," she told the newspaper. "We have knifings. We have killings. And they're taking me to court because I'm selling in pounds and ounces."

That, of course, isn't allowed under a European Union-mandated rule that all its nations must use metric measures, so veggies have to be weighed in grams and kilograms.

Oh, for fecksake... I ought to have known... the Liberal Fascist European Union is behind this insanity, this radically extreme moonbattery!

The EU tells Britain what to do. How dare they? Britain ought to leave the EU and tell them to F... right Off! Otherwise, next thing you know, the entire EU will become an Islamofascist Kalifate and PM Gord Brown will submit on behalf of all of the United Kingdom!

Imagine that... treating someone like a mass murderer for simply selling vegetables!

Europe is going insane at a frightening pace!

This raises the specter of the barely-secret plot to implement a North American Union by stealth.

Imagine if that happened. Next thing we know, we'd be prosecuted for turning right on a red light, simply because Mexico thinks that's a horrendous crime. Yes, good old hypocritical Mexico, who cleanses herself of the unemployed, the poor, and apparently even violent criminals by pushing them to illegally enter and stay in the United States. And demanding that the US treat them as citizens.

And who could forget my reporting on the practice of beheading happening in Mexico? That reporting of mine was published on Reuters, as a matter of fact.

And who could forget that Canadians are victims of violence and murder when visiting Mexico?

What the hell kind of a country is Mexico anyway? Just that very question is enough for us to say, "To hell with the idea of a NAU!"

I think it's now clear that uniting nations like that is a dangerous thing to do and would only destroy national sovereignty. I mean, it's like the USSR...