Thursday, January 10, 2008

Liberal "Leader" Dion Wimps Out Again

Photo: Little pussy Stephane Dion shies away again from the possibility of facing voters

Wonder if the surge in polling of the Conservative government had anything to do with M. Dion's suddenly-deflated fake bravado?
It seems that the Liberals will again sit meekly, scaredy-cat-like, on their hands, when it comes time to decide whether to either support or oppose the Conservative government.
This kind of defeatist attitude wouldn't help Canada if the Liberals were in power. Imagine how they'd react to a military threat from a rogue nation with nuclear warheads! I think the French experience in WWII ought to have taught M. Dion (himself actually still a French citizen despite claiming he can legitimately, morally, ethically be Prime Minister of a country other than France while still being French) a sobering lesson, being that of the folly of surrender, which inevitably leads to occupation by foreign forces, followed by whatever atrocities the occupier deems appropriate. And Canada cannot have a leader, nor a party in power, who would be such a wimp in the face of danger.
Geez! This chap (and the Liberal Party he professes to "lead") is truly a little pussy, a real scaredy cat, allowing polls to determine his feelings and actions (or utter lack thereof) at any given moment! Courage of convictions, indeed! Standing up for claimed "values", indeed! As if!