Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Left's New McCarthyism

Story here. h/t:

(...) we need an honest and profound debate on our country's values.

Unfortunately, that debate is being muzzled by a reverse form of McCarthyism.

That's how it works with McCarthyism. You pick a fight, demonize your opponents and identify them with a nasty enemy in order to shut them up.


anyone who disagrees with their ideas is a warmonger, hates the poor, opposes social justice. Their New McCarthyism is actually McCarthyism in reverse.

Oh, of course, they also call their ideological dissenters "racist, sexist, anti-gay" (and sometimes, add, "...go away").

They declare themselves the "environmentalists," "pacifists," "progressives," "reformists," "democrats," fighting for peace, defending the poor from the rich, the "ethnics" from the "racists" and the planet from everything -- from pandemics to pollution.

We normal folks call them Leftists, liberals, moonbats, Liberal Fascists and so on. That's who these New McCarthyists are.

Screw them! We know our bloody rights and like feck we'll let those (sometimes literally) jackbooted Liberal Fascists take them away!

All together now:

Racist! Sexist! Fascist-Gay! Liberal Fascists go away!