Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Excellent Post By Ezra Levant

He makes many excellent points. Well worth your time to read.

Ezra makes the Far Left's nonsensical, psychobabbly sophistry about "hate crimes" crumble into a pile of ashes like Wile E. Coyote after being caught in a firestorm.

It's also impossible to disagree with his points regarding all those hateful, inciteful Islamofascists not being charged with "hate crimes". Isn't it ironic that the very sort of unsavory characters who ought to be hauled before the CHRC by the likes of unsavory character Richard Warman and demonized by unsavory character "Borin' Warren" Kinsella... are getting away with spewing not only hatred, but also incitement to murder?

Many inconveniently true, valid points are raised which will sting the Far Left. And further discredit the whole concept of the so-called Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, which the reasonable person will conclude to be an instrument of discriminatory censorship run by Liberal Fascists who are currently permitted to operate in blatant violation of the Constitution Act and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, taking rights and money away from certain folks they hate and want to shut up as inconvenient to their frightening, dangerous revolutionary Far-Left agenda.

Oh, and, in my opinion, we really do need to get rid of such fascist entities as the CHRC, for, should they continue to be permitted to operate to take away peoples' rights as they've been for so long, well, history teaches us about a certain precedent, in which the next logical step will be to imprison the victims of this kangaroo court. And then, after that, executions would be the next logical step. And the Far Left would probably look the other way, deny it happens, or justify it somehow, motivated by their own seething hatred for people who simply exercise their rights or beg to differ, as is their right to do so, such a right being inconvenient to and intolerable by the Far Left. They, after all, justify abortion and look the other way on the Communists' and Islamists' persecution of inconvenient, hated individuals and groups, including imprisonment, torture and execution...